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The Center Coffee Equipment
Coffee Mart The Center Coffee Equipment

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gravy boat
Brewista กาคอห่าน อุปกรณ์ทำกาแฟดริป
ป้ายไฟ LED
Infrared lamp double 1608-053
Price 120.00 USD
Infrared lamp double
Retractable Queue Stand 0608-013
Price 75.00 USD
This black crowd control / guidance system features
Jumbo Roll Plastic Tissue dispenser 0613-015
Price 18.33 USD
Laundry cart Body color blue(Small) 1401-022
Price 350.00 USD
Cart wheel : width Dia. 4 inchs
Room service table 1608-052
Price 666.67 USD
Power: 400w, 220-240V, 50-60 HzIntroduction:Thank you for having chosenproduct.All operations ralative to theis manual must be carrled out by qualified according to laws in force.The ma
Professional Blender JTC 950W (TM767) 1602-061
Regular 316.67 USD  
Special 283.33 USD
otor power : 3 HP (=2, 238W)
Trashcan swing cover  1402-074
Price 26.33 USD
Produce from heigh quality material, strong
Service trolley color brown 1401-072
Price 763.33 USD
It\'s cart for houskeepping use put cleaning equipment<br> have very bag beside cart can put very thing.
Electic moka pot maker 1614-041
Regular 45.00 USD  
Special 33.00 USD
Dimension : width 125 x length 190 x high 235 mm.
Stainless tamper handle color white 57.5 mm.1610-328-C05
Price 36.67 USD
Tamper Recording made from good quality coffee, using easy, Strong
Coffee Grinder machine 320W. 1614-090
Price 383.33 USD
Coffee Grinder machineSuitable for general coffee shop.Used to grind fresh coffee beans. In the amount we need.Simple and easy to make coffee No hassle. Have 2 color: Gray, Black
Electric Conveyor Toaster(S) 1350W. 1608-066
Price 550.00 USD
Output: Slices of Bread/hr.150 Pcs.
Milk Pitcher with Silicone Cover 1610-370
Regular 21.67 USD  
Special 21.67 USD
Stainless pitcher milk cream
Price 283.33 USD
Regular steam table pan 1611-001 to 1611-043
Price 0.00 USD
have many size
Coffee sever for dripper 360 ml. 1610-326
Price 16.33 USD
ดริปเปอร์, โถชงกาแฟ, กรวยกรองสแตนเลส, coffee sever, mesh, driptray, glassware, อุปกรณ์ชงกาแฟ
Latte art pen Needle style Length 14 cm. Black : 1610-319-C01
Price 6.33 USD
Use for make latte art in coffee cup
Coffee powder brush wood handle 1610-324
Price 3.33 USD
for cleaning machine
Stainless Knock box + Wood box Height 16.5 cm. (Large) 1610-263-1
Price 61.00 USD
างสแตนเลส, อ่างเคาะกากกาแฟ, กล่องไม้ตั้งอ่างเคาะกาก, อุปกรณ์ชงกาแฟ, กากกาแฟ, knockbox, wood box, coffee equipment
Straw Dispenser 1610-016
Regular 16.67 USD  
Special 11.67 USD
Single sided Staw Box3. Touch pedal and get staws, Fitting of big and small stawsSize: 235 x 110 x 180 mm.Net weight : 630G, Package: 10/cn.
Small Tubbi Knockbox (Plastic ABS) 1610-303-C01
Regular 28.33 USD  
Special 26.33 USD
Just like the Tubbi knockbox, the cafelat managed to strip the product down to the basic elements,
Rack Tray Stands Wood 1603-012
Price 96.67 USD
Tray Stands Wood, rack
Luggage Cart 0607-001
Price 1,100.00 USD
Size cart : width 70 x long 115.5 x Height 198.5 cm.
bell ring service counter (small)
Price 4.00 USD
3.25 inchs or 8.5 cm. Counter Call Bell
Grab Bar od 32 mm. 700x700 mm.  ( FBVH-CTS793B )
Price 43.33 USD
Grab Bar od 32 mm. 700x700 mm. ( FBVH-CTS793B )
Check Grabber 1617-013
Regular 38.33 USD  
Special 35.00 USD
Approximately capture paper orders Mercure.
Hand Shower Set with PVC Hose  ( Jolly ) FJHO-F116ACZ
Price 7.67 USD
Hand Shower Set with PVC Hose ( Jolly ) FJHO-F116ACZ
SLICER 10 inch 1608-046
Price 550.00 USD
Meat Slicer 10" - Fusion of aluminum alloy aluminum.- Ample space between the motor and blade for easy cleaning.- Engine ventilated.- Blade forged and tempered thic
Stainless Napkin loop 1610-087
Price 6.00 USD
Napkin loop for prepare table party
Sprinkle cocoa powder bottle  1610-066
Regular 4.00 USD  
Special 3.00 USD
Sprinkle cocoa powder bottle 120 cc.size: Ø60 x H85 mm.
Milk Cream 1610-142
Price 26.67 USD
Milk Cream
Stainless steel plate Latte art Smile 1610-173-04
Price 3.83 USD
is kit for make power cocoa
Round Tample mat 1610-125
Price 4.00 USD
ยางรองเท็มเปอร์ ทรงกลม
Set Handle roll Coffee grinder with burshing power coffee  1614-039
Price 25.00 USD
Grinder jar down : diameter width 88 x heigh 98 mm.
Ceramic Coffee Dripper 3-4 Cup 1610-179
Price 5.33 USD
How to use:
Lighted Makeup Mirror 8 inch 0609-032
Regular 53.33 USD  
Special 33.00 USD
Power: 220 V/ 50 HzRated Power: 40 W FluorescentMirror diameter: 8\\\\quot;Dimensions: Two Arm Extends 375 MM (8\\\\quot;)Color: ChromeSide:
Clothes hanger stand 0609-005
Price 200.00 USD
Size : width 350 x length 460 x height 1160 mm.
Jigger 50 and 25 CC. 1610-202
Price 3.00 USD
Jigger Use for measure liquid
Iron wall shelves 0609-034
Price 18.33 USD
Suit use in room hotel or house have hang laundry desk
3 cup Coffee server with stainless steel filter  1610-321
Price 19.67 USD
No filter paper is required, heat-resistant glass pot
Aluminum Ice cream spoon color Black Lenght 17.5 CM. 1606-018-C01
Price 4.00 USD
Ice cream spoon Use for scratch ice cream a round ball.
Hot Product/Service
Conveyor Toaster (L) 1608-072
Price 983.33 USD
Rostrum Series 0609-027
Price 500.00 USD
Coffee Tank 1614-004-006
Price 0.00 USD
Straw Dispenser 1610-016
Regular 16.67 USD
Special 11.67
Price 15.67 USD
Deluxe Bucket Wringers 1402-001
Regular 66.67 USD
Special 46.67
Rectangle Serve Tray fiber, Brow,  12 x 16 inch 1603-006
Price 18.33 USD
Baggage Trolley 0607-002
Price 733.33 USD
Stainless Steel Spoon Rest 1612-023
Price 9.67 USD

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